Behavioural Science


A key part of our behavioural science practice is behaviour change.  Many of our everyday behaviours are habitual and semi-automatic so it can be hard to create new routines which have more desirable outcomes.  We focus on the way in which we can overcome barriers in three areas:


Capability:  The physical and psychological skills needed

Opportunity: The outside factors (such as home environment or maybe pricing) which make the behaviour possible

Motivation: The automatic and reflective brain patterns that determine our decisions and behaviours

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Behavioural Science


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We use a combination of behavioural science and market research to generate interventions, designed to overcome the barriers.  For this we use two core principles.

These offer a flexible and agile means of testing the impact of different solutions to deliver behaviour change.


n-of-1 methods to test hypotheses amongst individuals based on repeated measurement of variables with the individual over time.


Just-in-time adaptive intervention: intervention design aiming to provide the right type/amount of support, at the right time, by adapting to an individual’s changing internal and contextual state.