Connected Consumers


Self-knowledge and self-management is the new normal as we venture into a future of the Internet of Things [IoT]. One in ten consumers around the globe are generating data via connected health devices and we believe a ‘connected’ population which is tracking, evaluating and personalizing their health decisions will no longer be a niche segment. Instead the quantified self will be the gold standard in health management – are you ready for the revolution?

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Digital Doctor


Doctors believe connected health is here to stay. Whilst anxiety remains about the evolution of the primary care physician’s role (how will it change? What role will artificial intelligence play? Is telemedicine the future?), the benefits of connected health that appeal to doctors include proactive patient self-management, more efficient health services through remote consultations and better adherence to treatment – want to learn more?

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Behavioural Science


Consumer drop out is one of the barriers to mass connected health adoption. We advocate that an understanding of the principles of behaviour change are critical to the future of connected health. The advent of wearables, smartphone technology and enhanced connectivity offers exciting opportunities for healthcare organisations to have greater interaction with patients and improve clinical outcomes.  However, the challenge has only just begun…

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