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Connected Health:
Coming Ready or Not!

Connected Health – sometimes referred to as Digital Health – is a potential game-changer for global healthcare.

Not only does it enable patients and consumers to be more actively engaged in their own health, it allows physicians to provide recommendations based on more than an occasional consultation. Already we can see a shift in the patient-provider relationship.

The first Ipsos International Survey on Connected Health – spanning the USA, UK and Japan and multiple stakeholder perspectives – offers a picture of the uptake and use of connected health technologies (see definition).

The inaugural survey also contains an in-depth focus on Type 2 Diabetes across the study markets, including a technology preference segmentation of patients in the USA and UK. Type 2 Diabetes was chosen for its high prevalence and likelihood to be influenced by digital and connected health in the future.


  • Adults 18-80
  • Physicians – mix of General Practitioners and Endocrinologists/Diabetologists
  • Type 2 Diabetes Patients
General public sample: UK USA JAPAN
Adults (18-80) 3002 5003 3008
Type 2 diabetics 303 503 301
Physician sample UK USA JAPAN
General practitioners 100 100 102
Endocrinologists / Diabetologists 100 100 104


  • Two independent online surveys, the first among the general public (20-minute survey) and the second among physicians (15-minute survey).
  • The general public sample comprised adults aged 18-80 across UK, USA and Japan. Quotas were set by region, age and gender, and the results have been weighted to match national census and other government statistical reference data for categories that were under-represented in responses received from the online survey. The Type 2 Diabetes sample was boosted and re-weighted back to true population proportions at analysis stage.
  • “Mirror image” questions asked to general public, Type 2 Diabetes patients and physicians to ascertain degree of similarity/difference in perceptions of connected health.
  • Fieldwork conducted in September – November 2015

Choice of countries + patient group

  • USA, UK and Japan chosen for their diversity and ability to provide an international picture (US, EU and Asia).
  • Type 2 Diabetes chosen due to its high prevalence and likelihood to be influenced by digital and connected health in the future

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  2. The Definition of Connected Health
  3. About the Research
  4. The Ipsos International Survey on Connected Health
    1. Health & Healthcare: Attitudes & Behaviours
    2. Connected Health: The General Public’s Perspective
    3. Connected Health: The Physicians' Perspective
    4. Spotlight: Telemedicine
    5. Spotlight: Connected Health & Clinical Trials
  5. Type 2 Diabetes Deep Dive & Segmentation
    1. The Type 2 Diabetes Patient Perspective
    2. The Diabetes Patient vs the Physician Perspective:
      Similarities and Differences
    3. The Type 2 Diabetes Patient Segmentation
  6. Additional Analysis Options
  7. Appendices
  8. Contacts

Top-line findings


Since “connected health” is a relatively new concept, in order to ensure a basis for consistency of responses across countries, the following definition of “connected health” was shown to all respondents in all countries:


Some of the more well-known connected health devices (CHDs) and tools would include wearable technology devices which have tracking ability (such as Apple watch, Fitbit, wahoo tickr – heart rate monitor, etc.) or devices which have a connectivity ability (e.g. body monitoring equipment which links to a mobile app).

Mobile smartphone applications are another form of connected health (e.g. fitness tracking apps, health apps for counting calories, and other such apps); these monitor and provide information related to health conditions or concerns.

More recently, with advances in technology, we have seen the emergence of implantables, ingestibles, and various other devices using wireless chips, which are designed to improve healthcare.

(Images of examples of connected health devices and/or tools were shown alongside the definition.)

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Reena Sanger

Head of Digital and Connected Health

+44 (0)20 3059 5359

William Hall

Head of Ipsos Healthcare


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